July 26, 2014
September 25, 2014


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Frosting by Thayer Preece Parker
Neck / TorsoCowl
Needles & yarn
US 9 - 5.5 mm
Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Bamboo Ewe
2.62 skeins = 531.0 yards (485.5 meters), 262 grams

For me!
Because I really need another cowl. (Yeah, right…)

Provisional cast-on of 50.

First time doing provisional cast-on! Used this video as a guide. Used this video as a guide when picking up the stitches again-- useful tip to use ribbon instead of yarn for provisional cast-on.

Borrowed from Dahlin:
RS: slip first stitch kwise wyib, knit last st
WS: slip first stitch pwise wyif, knit last st

Going just fine, but I probably could’ve used a smaller needle. No way I’m restarting, at this point, but if I make this again, I’d probably try going down a size or two (size 8 or 7). That said, I’m sure it’ll be fine-- and plenty warm enough, too.

First time using Kitchener stitch!

It wasn’t nearly as complicated as I expected! I did have to undo a bit of it and redo it, though, because I got distracted and messed up something. I was distracted because it’s pretty boring. It also made my hand go a bit numb with the unaccustomed motions, so I wouldn’t want to do tons of it at one time. Repeating the mantra (knit off, purl on; purl off, knit on) was helpful. …So probably best to not do Kitchener stitch in front of other people. ;o)

I’m not sure how well I did it, because I did turn this cowl into a “fake moebius”, which meant that I was grafting right side to wrong side, so it’s still perfectly clear where the join happens-- but I think it looks nice. I’m happy to have Kitchener stitch under my belt for future projects!

Regarding the decision to make it a moebius… I hesitated, because the “right side/wrong side” thing confused me. How would that work? But then I read somewhere on the forums that the moebius is meant to counteract the effect of twist that naturally happens when you wrap the cowl around your neck twice. That’s how I plan to wear this, so I gave the moebius a try.

Had about 38 grams of yarn left over. Not enough to make anything, really, so I’ll toss it in with the yarn I’m saving up for a scrappy linen stitch scarf.

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July 26, 2014
September 25, 2014
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55% Rayon from Bamboo, 45% Wool
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