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Lotus Bloom
February 28 2012
August 1 2015
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Lotus Bloom
Pretty Baby Doily by Elizabeth Hiddleson
our home
about 26"
Hooks & yarn
1.65 mm
Circulo Yarns Clea
3282 yards in stash

After abandoning a few rounds of a different Elizabeth Hiddleson doily, I saw this one and decided to let it be my first Hiddleson doily.

I found this doily in Volume 1, not the volume listed here on Ravelry, but the pattern appears to be identical.

Feb. 28th--
It’s already becoming clear that EH patterns are a little different from modern written patterns-- probably not the best choice for a beginner. I’ve had to watch the photo at least as closely as the written instructions. Round 8 didn’t make sense as written-- wasn’t symmetrical, unless I was repeatedly reading it wrong-- so I altered it to match the photo.

March 1st--
I’ve had to rip back a couple of times-- my own fault for not focusing enough on what I was doing-- but I’m making progress and enjoying the pattern.

There are a TON of trebles, though, so if you don’t like trebles, this is not a pattern for you. (Trebles and chains-- that’s pretty much the whole pattern, with a few sc thrown in every now and then.)

Also, there’s more crocheting into the chain that I usually like. It’s not too bad, though, since it’s mostly very easy to spot the correct chain to crochet into-- not crocheting into the middle of a long chain (though there’s some of that, too).

I may have spotted an(other) error.
This time it’s Round 19. On my copy, it’s hard to read because of a little blip in the printing, but it looks like “ch 8” comes after “3 tr in 1st st of nx ch”. That would make sense, since we’ve been chaining 8 at that spot in some previous rows. But then on the other side of the “spider”, where you would expect another ch 8 (to keep things nice and symmetrical), the pattern reads “ch 6”. I’m going to stick with ch 8 in both places and hope it works out. (Rnd 20 has ch 8 on either side of the spider, as did Rnd 18, so it seems logical that 19 would as well.)

Late July 2015.
Picking this back up after a years-long hibernation. Starting about halfway through round 21.

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February 28 2012
August 1 2015
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