Rendez-Vous in Aqua
October 12, 2013
November 16, 2013

Rendez-Vous in Aqua

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Rendez-vous by Mayumi Sato
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Hooks & yarn
1.65 mm
Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co. America's Best Country Cotton Crochet Thread Size 10

I love the way this doily looks in the photos I’ve seen. I hope mine turns out as nicely. :o) The delicate color of the thread is a good start, at least. (Speaking of which, it was difficult to capture in a photo. Not so “minty” as in the first photo.)

Noticed at the beginning of round 19 that I made a mistake back in round 17. Ugh! Instead of chaining 2 around the little “faux picots”, I continued chaining 3. (Didn’t notice the change, obviously…) I’m trying decide if it’s worth ripping back and reworking those two rounds… Part of me doesn’t want to, but another part worries it will make the final product a little less wonderful. sigh …I guess I’ll rip back and rework. I hope the thread doesn’t get too fuzzy. I think I may have already reworked round 17 once to fix an earlier mistake. (I know I reworked one round-- just not sure which it was.)

This has (so far) been a fun pattern to work. It gets a little repetitive within the rounds (as is usually the case with round doilies), but overall-- enjoyable.

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October 12, 2013
November 16, 2013
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by Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co.
Thread, size 10
100% Cotton

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