Wham Bam, Thank You... Alpaca?
February 11, 2012
February 14, 2012

Wham Bam, Thank You... Alpaca?

Project info
wham bam thank you lamb! neckwarmer by Susan Chang
Neck / TorsoCowl
Needles & yarn
US 10½ - 6.5 mm
Yarn Bee Andes Alpaca (Aran 85/15)
1 skein = 120.0 yards (109.7 meters), 100 grams
Hobby Lobby in Alabama

I’ve read mixed reviews of this yarn, and there’s not a ton a alpaca in it… but it felt so silky-soft in the store… and the colors were so completely gorgeous… I decided it was worth a try.

I’ll probably only cast on and knit one or two rows, today. I’m saving the actual mindless, joyous knitting for another time; I just want it ready to pick up and knit.

I was in an experimental mood, so I’m using acrylic needles for the first time-- well, the first time since my first (failed) attempt to teach myself to knit. That was a disaster, but so far, I’m surprised at how well these acrylic needles are working, though these foot-long straight needles (the only straights I have in this size) do feel a little awkward after the circulars I’ve gotten used to…

February 14th--
I worked on this during the drive to and from Atlanta for my husband’s citizenship oath ceremony. :o)

I ended up switching to aluminum circulars, after all, because I didn’t want those long straight needles to be bumping into the car door the whole time (and they probably would have). I prefer the slickness of aluminum, but now at least I know that acrylic will do in a pinch.

This was my first time seaming, and my join is certainly not invisible, but I’m going to say it’s fine and just go with it. Maybe the seam is even a design element. ;o)

…Actually, I could camouflage the join with a few small crocheted flowers or something similar. Maybe I will.

This yarn made a soft neck-warmer, but it’s a bit floppy-- not as firm and “structural” as some of the other Ravelry projects look to be-- which I expected, given its finer weight.

March 2015:
I never wear this because it feels too flimsy. (The yarn wasn’t bulky enough.) I’m frogging and reworking it. I plan to hold the yarn together with another bulky yarn (Yarn Bee Effortless Chunky, “Flannel”). Together, they should be bulky enough, I hope! I’ll be knitting with size 13 needles.

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February 11, 2012
February 14, 2012
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85% Acrylic, 15% Alpaca
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