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My Inner Beast
January 2 2017
January 5 2017
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My Inner Beast
Inner Beast by sharon maher
Hooks & yarn

mysterious fun with a magic ball

I missed the swap, but I am making my own magic ball so I can play. I raided my momโ€™s stash and had some scraps of my own, so I have been snipping and rolling and loving the process! I have also been forgetting if there were any rules or guidelines, so my ends are all at random lengths and my color changes may be a little on the long side. I figure I can work it out as we go.

my goal for this project :

To bring forth my inner beast in order to recognize him/her/it and ultimately tame and defeat (or possibly come to an understanding) We shall see. There may be some torture. There most certainly will be ridiculousness and hilarity. One thing is for darn sure, the butt is going to be HUGE !


I was just checking out the beast pattern and I added some notes to self to put in some extra increases for a fatter butt, I am really looking forward to this project!

My attempt at a fat butt also resulted in a more rotund belly. perfect! The horns were the hardest part (only because I didnโ€™t pay enough attention to the pattern and I neglected to use stitch markers). I ended up taking out some rounds so they would be smaller.


Iโ€™m done with my beastie. I thought beady little eyes and a rat tail would be some nice finishing touches.


This really was a blast. I think I have noticed that the little voice within that says stuff like this is too hard or it will come out wonky, or you are just wasting your time with this project has gotten quieter since the project. Seeing how my beast turned out and also seeing everyone elseโ€™s beasties, they all seem to have some endearing qualities no matter how we tried to make them scary or icky. Laughing at or having warm fuzzy feelings towards it kind of takes the wind out of the sails of the monster called self doubt. I am a Harry Potter fan and I think of the scene in one of the movies where Ron conquers his fear of spiders with an image of the huge spider wearing roller skates.


An additional lesson learned from this project just filtered down through the brainโ€ฆ
We must try to love every part of ourselves even the nagging beasts within. I began this project thinking I would do battle with my inner beast and try to beat him. Instead I have learned to love not only my own, but everyone elseโ€™s too, no matter if they represent such undesirable qualities. I guess we can learn to love every part of others as well. There have to be exceptions for extreme circumstances!

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January 2 2017
January 5 2017
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