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Broomstick Lace Scarf
January 29 2011
March 8 2011
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Broomstick Lace Scarf
Cables and Lace Broomstick Hat by Kristin Omdahl
10" wide by 69" long
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)
Lion Brand Microspun
3 skeins = 504.0 yards (460.9 meters), 210 grams
Joann etc. in Michigan
December 23, 2010

This project has been an exercise in patience for me. I made the hat first, but the reason I made the hat was because I was inspired by this scarf pattern, which I thought was gorgeous. I tried and tried to make the Athenian Scarf pattern, running into the following issues: 1) after much practice and many times pulling out rows, became skilled enough to make all the loops in one row the same length without using a knitting needle, but not skilled enough to make them the same length in each loop row; 2) was confused, are there two rows of single crochet between sc-ing together the loops or just 1? 3) couldn’t figure out how people worked this pattern with a knitting kneedle, when the pattern calls for the loop rows to be worked from right to left, which is against every other broomstick lace pattern I’ve found; 4) the turning created an uneven texture and no “right side”. I was so frustrated, I let this sit for about a month. Ugh!

Finally I just gave up and decided to use the hat pattern (which I’d already made) to make a scarf as well. I had already wanted to add the cables portion of the hat pattern as the scarf ends border anyway, so it’s all working out in the end. I started the project again on 2/26/11. This is coming along nicely now. It’s an easy stitch but, for me, very time consuming!

Again, I find this yarn incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin, but the fact that it untwists and splits so much makes me a little (more) crazy.

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January 29 2011
March 8 2011
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by Lion Brand
100% Microfiber
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