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August 5, 2012
November 25, 2012
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Reed by Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash
788 yards in stash
2.63 skeins = 1512.3 yards (1382.9 meters), 394 grams
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bayern
July 6, 2012

Its a great looking sweater, I like the style a lot.
I’m sorry to alter this pattern in so many ways, it just encourages me to be creative - and its such a fun!

  • with a neckline border in seed stitch
  • with a little neck opening on the front
  • the lace panel will stay at the same side of the body
  • with one more stich on the sides (purl), for a fake hem
  • finish with a seed stitch border
  • with a button on the pocket

Knit the pocket first, it is a nice way to check your gauge. I know I knitted the pocket - months ago, but can’t find it. Will sew it as soon as I find it ;-).

Personal notices to keep track:

  • CO as pattern states
  • knit back and forth for 14 rows in seed stitch
  • start knitting in the round and set up pattern
  • pattern set up: pm, k18, pm, k16, pm, k37, pm, lace pattern, pm, k7, pm, k16, pm, k7, pm, lace pattern, pm, k19 - end of round
  • with this dark colour I have a hard time to get the increases right, I do the kfb instead
  • will finish the front and back separately, to get split openings on both sides.
  • the sleeves are finished with a split opening like the body and are 3/4 length (finish after 10 6-row decreases)

The yarn:
Wollmeise - what shall I say - perfect! I just needed 2 skeins for the body (Size 48/50!!!) and still have some yarn left over.

After washing (dryed flat) in Wollmeise-Bad the sleeves grew by 12cm in lenght. The body was not affected. Strange… I’m very glad I made only 3/4 sleeves - they have now full length…

Never mind the colour in the pics - its completely wrong.
Its a much darker intense blue.

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August 5, 2012
November 25, 2012
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by Rohrspatz & Wollmeise
100% Merino
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