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November 18 2014
November 24 2014
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Dragonflight by Nim Teasdale
fun :)
Needles & yarn
fyberspates scrumptious
2 skeins
chocolate verdigris
A chronic yarnoholic

This is the more shawl-shaped version of the Dragon’s Tale, with a wider pattern on the edge, and meant for slightly lighter yarn, even though I still ended up using a DK.

3 and a half repeats increasing,
3 and a half decreasing,
Plus both wing tips.

Measures 168 x 43 (66 x 17in) on the carpet before blocking

450m (495 y)
(2 full skeins, down to the last 2 cms!)
Needles: 3.75mm, but I am a loose knitter, so please scale up if you keep a firmer hold on the reins.

Dragonflight? Wyvern’s Wings? Maybe I’ll do a poll once the test gets up and running.

Halfway through, I had a bravewain about the where to place the inc/des sts to fix the buckling and stitch pulling that was happening around the inner curve of the border, so I tried both variations out on the second half.

In the last 3 pics you can see see there is some wrinkling beside the edging on the right hand side (down the bottom right hand corner of the pic) and the left side is smoother. There are close ups of each. On the second side, I tried both k2tog (bottom right of second to last pic) and ssk (left side of same pic) to see which looked better. I like the k2togs myself, but I’ll leave the pic here so others can choose for themselves if they wish.

And the last pic is because just as I was taking photos, I spotted a cloud dragon shooting fire over its shoulder. Wasn’t quite quick enough though and it had shifted a bit by the time I got outside.

(Madam Koala and co just happened to wander past the front window, so she was photographed too.)

Finally cast on after days of mucking around with wing tips and charts and so on. :)

2 repeats in and 48 g rem of first skein
St section 16.5cm deep (measuring by graph paper, wish I’d thought of this before) without border. 47 long.
12.5 start sect 2
3.5 at beginning of first sect.

Listening to Edith Nesbit’s Dragon Tales. :D Can’t believe I only stumbled across her a couple of years ago. She ties for favourite author with Wodehouse and Terry Pratchett.

It’s soporific o’clock. Time to exchange orange and cinnamon rooibos for either a proper green tea, or coffee.

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November 18 2014
November 24 2014
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