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February 17 2015
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Slow Dance
Slow Dance by Nim Teasdale
Needles & yarn
Twisted Fiber Art Muse Evolution
in stash
300.0 yards (274.3 meters), 70 grams
Twisted Fiber Art, Inc.

General notes

Last minute decision to try this with a couple of the new spines I’ve been playing with. One a single row of holes, the other solid.

From the Romance set.

Not obvious from my blocking but this is not a triangle, it’s more heart shaped or semi-Faroese.

Pattern is modular and includes small diamonds and the lozenge shape, which can be elongated to any length, as seen near the edging.

Work shapes in any order.

It would be possible to work the pattern without the little diamonds between the longer shapes, making it look more like feathers perhaps.

There is also a simple swallowtail edging I designed to go with this but decided not to use in the end. Perhaps a tester can try it out?

Knitting notes

After set up and one repeat of chart 3 - 64 rem
After 2 repeats of chart 2 and one of chart 3 - 55 rem
3rd rep of chart 3 40g rem.
1 rep of elongated chart 3, (18g rem after working part a twice), 6g rem after working part b, completing the chart. One more row plus BO used almost 5g.

62 x 135cm (24 x 54 in) measuring the spine and top curves.

Traditional dodgy blocking pic included. Please excuse dodginess of said blocking and blurriness of pic. Bubba (as he now calls himself) was not quite deeply asleep enough to muck around too long.

Thoughts and rambles.

Have neatened up the edges of the chart since beginning. Also if I was knitting this again, I’d start with the diamonds rather than the lozenges, do 3 reps of these, and then work the lozenges as increasingly long forms, by repeating part A of Chart 3 an extra time for each repeat.

Or I’d try the option of skipping the diamonds between the longer forms and make Icarus-esque wings.

Was compelled to include pic of photobomb by cute babe with no pants on. SFW, I promise.

Beautifully soft yarn, and the way the colour transitions from the pinky colour to,the chocolate and then the violet is beautiful.

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February 17 2015
no date set
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