Sock blanket
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July 15, 2008
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Sock blanket

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Blankie by Shelly Kang
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm

I’ve finally decided what to do with spare sock yarns.

slip 1, K13, slip2 K1 pass slipped stitches over, K13, K1 through back of stitch.

Update: 11/08/08 - I haven’t counted, lots!
Thanks to a lady on Ravelry who sent me a big ball of sock yarn, all the way from Garmany! See project photos.

Update: 24/07/08 - 39squares
Update: 22/07/08 - 32squares
Update: 18/07/08 - 22 squares!!! + 1 lost square.
Update: 17/07/08 - 12 squares
Update: 16/07/08 - 7 squares

The squares are counted in small squares, so a big square counts as 4.

Please sea my blog for progress.
My reasoning behind this project is…
I want to knit a warm but lightweight blanket, that is just the right size for me. I did start one, but the plain blocks of colour drove me to boredom and it has since hibernated. I have recently fallen in love with knitting socks and beautiful sock yarns and I thought that a sock yarn blanket, where I can knit little bits at a time would be brilliant!

I have a condition called Fibromylgia syndrome, it causes me to have chronic pain over most of my body most of the time, the pain doesn’t respond well to treatment, so most of the time I just have to put up with it. Among other things it makes it very hard for me to sleep and I get cold limbs.

So I tend to spend a lot of time sitting in a chair, instead of in bed, and to pass the time I knit, as I don’t have the energy for much else. I have numerous blankets which I have tried to keep me warm, but they are all so heavy they make my legs hurt more.

If you’d like to give me your sock yarn remnants please PM me. (Anything 4ply with some wool in it would be brilliant, any colours.)

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In progress
July 15, 2008
work in progress
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