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Still Light Tunic: Winter Fantasy
July 15 2015
September 11 2015
Project info
Still Light Tunic: Winter Fantasy
Still Light Tunic by Veera Välimäki
Britt-Mari Skeppstedt from sept-2016
M top - L bottom
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
1,637 yards = 9 skeins
Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca
7 skeins = 1273.8 yards (1164.8 meters), 350 grams
Litet nystan in Stockholm, Stockholms län
December 30, 2014
Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca
2 skeins = 364.0 yards (332.8 meters), 100 grams
Litet nystan in Stockholm, Stockholms län
December 30, 2014

Ravelry Front Page September 29, 2015
How amazingly fun!
I couldn’t help but take a screenshot and add it to the project pictures for safekeeping.
A historic day in my knitting life heart

Confession: I have knit this yarn before. I have knit this pattern before. More than once. I thought that 2.5mm would be the right needle for me, not so. The first 8cm are knit on the too small needle with a gauge of 30sts/10cm, switched to 2.75mm and boom perfect gauge. All is well.
Conclusion - and I have suspected this for sometime - my everyday gauge has tightened. It makes me happy. I used to knit very loosely and I think this new gauge situation with me makes for even prettier knitting.

Stockinette hellhole
I know that some knitters (no need of mentioning names) think this project to be hell, due to the amount of stockinette involved.

For me: I don’t mind terribly, and I like the garment.
Also it is great travelknitting. In the pictures you see me knitting at an open air musical event in Stockholm and at Apple Store in Amsterdam and of course in the sun on our balcony!
Stockinette bliss!

Binding them off, is harder than I remembered.
I kitchernered them and had to re do it way too many times. Simply because I wanted to have them lay completely flat and comfortable. Way too easy to get them to turn the wrong way. Tricky stuff.

First I knit the whole the slightly longer than that pattern stipulates, and accidentally did a one by one rib on the main needles not the smaller rib needles. Had to rip that. Then I redid it again with the smaller needle - still one by one - wrong type. Had to rip that out and then I figured that the tunic was too long - so I ripped it back, and did new two by two rib, that didn’t add up. Set up went wrong. I undid it. Tried again. Fail again.
The end of this has been quite annoying.
Finished. All ends woven in. Button sewed on. All done. Blocked. Done. Done. Done.

But no.
I want it a little longer.
Ripped back the ribbing. More knitting, 5 cm more. Knit exactly to pattern. 26 cm from pockets. Let’s hope it will make me happy. I have had enough.

No yarn left what so ever. Nothing.
Except for an untouched orange 50gram skein, that might get to be wristers. But nothing of the skeins listed as used in full.
I think it is amazing to make a project like this with only 9 skeins - 450grams.

The Yarn
I think I should try to not buy this again. It is not a bad yarn, it does have a fairly nice range of colours, it is perfectly decent, but I am done with it. It is not a tactial delight in every stitch… And that is what I want now. This yarn is perfect for the garment, I love to wear it.

There are sheepier yarns that I am far more interested in:
Rauma Finull, Jamieson & Smith, Jamieson of Shetland are on my wish list, and favorites like Létt-Lopi (there might be a big package just arriving la la la).

October 14, 2015

Seeing as this tunic is 3/4 sleeve, and I had one more ball of the orange I knit a pair of Sleeve Lenghteners aka cuffs aka wristers and I am very happy that I did!

I live in Sweden and cold weather is a very real fact of life.

September 8, 2016

This tunic has a new home with a fantastic colleague of mine: Britt-Marie, she is the best therapeutic eurytmy teacher that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She will be taking both the tunic and wrist warmers with her to Berlin when she goes to participate in further eurytmy education.
I am thrilled beyond my dreams. It is so beautiful on her heartpulse

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July 15 2015
September 11 2015
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by Garnstudio
100% Alpaca
183 yards / 50 grams
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