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November 8 2014
November 10 2014
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Barbie Turtleneck
#0002 White Sweater and Black Trousers by
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
sock scraps

With all the short skirts, I think Barbie needs a warm sweater. I like the look of this one in the pictures, but I’m not twisting the rib…we shall see if I still like it. :)

30 rows for f&b, 16+16 rows for sleeves.
16 rounds for collar.

So, the sleeves came out a bit short, but it is done. I’m going to start by giving them a severe blocking before I take photos…we will see what happens. All in all, this is the 9th piece of Barbie clothes I’ve knitted this week, and I love all the others, so 8 out of 9 ain’t bad…lol!
Either way, it’s Barbie clothes, and I am sure she’s had crazier outfits through the years than a 3/4 sleeve turtleneck, right?!? Right. :)

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November 8 2014
November 10 2014
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