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January 19 2012
January 31 2012
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Sheepish Mash-Up
Baby Bunting Sweater by Linden Down
18-24 months
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Knit Picks Shine Sport

So, I wanted to make THIS SWEATER, but I did not notice that it was only written to size 12mos., and I want the sweater for a first birthday…ugh! But fear not! I haz skillz, so I iz gonna give the mash-up a go!

I printed the charts from the sheep sweater, and I will figure it out as I go. I am also referring to my fave sweater pattern for measurement on lengths, etc. It’s a mash-up of epic proportions, in an 18-24 months size. But I’ve taken scarier risks, and I am a roller-coaster kinda gal, so I’m sure it will be all good. :)

Rip and redo…too small first time. Here are my mods:
C/O 54 (size 6 needle)
On row 1, place markers after 7 (f), 6 (sl), 28 (b), 6 (sl); purl back all wrong side rows
On every right side row, inc 1 on either side of markers (16x), WHILE ALSO inc 1 every other right side row at the front edges (3x)
Split for body: 26 front, 38 sleeve, 60 back, 38 sleeve, 26 front
Knit split row in new color, then knit 2 garter ridges (4 rows total), then knit lace pattern until 7” from underarm seam. Rib 8 rows with smaller needles, bind off loosely.
Put 38 sleeve sets on size 6 needle, knit in pink adding 2 adt’l sts under the arm.
Purl 1 row, knit one row (dec two sts), purl one row.
Begin knitting in st st, adding random lace motifs, while also dec 2 sts at the underarm on row 8. Knit sleeve to appropriate length, then 16 rows rib with smaller needles, and bind off 32 sts.

Then, just for fun, use THIS PATTERN to make a matching hat!

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January 19 2012
January 31 2012
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