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Hey, Pam!
June 15 2009
March 8 2011
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Hey, Pam!
Hey, Teach! by Hélène Rush
XL - M
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Tamaty Tweed
Worsted (9 wpi)
4.25 skeins = 633.3 yards (579.0 meters)
It's a Girl!
Polywogs (Great Lakes Fiber Festival)

Update! (03.06.11)
I finished it - AGAIN! lol! I still have to wash and block the thing, because I was a lazy knitter and did not give the yarn a good soak/stretch before I re-knit it. I only used 4 buttons on the re-knit (as the pattern calls for) and there are far fewer mods in my medium (which is the “next size down” from my previous comment) than I made in the XL. It does fit, but the arms are a little snug for my liking…still, I am calling this a win!
I love the new photos, esp with the baby! Wow!, I did lose that weight!

Update! (02.25.11)
When I originally finished this sweater (June, 2009), I loved it! I still do, but I have experienced a significant weight loss recently (I am about halfway to my goal), and the sweater is WAAAYYYYY too big - YAY! Since I wore this to death when it fit, I am going to re-knit it now…as soon as I decide which of the smaller sizes to do…my current size or the next one down?…spring is still a little ways off, so I am really not sure which I will choose…stay tuned for details!

03.01.11 - So, I now have the back done, and the fronts started. All the pink fabric is starting to look like my sweater again!

Mods, 2nd time around! - 5 rows of rib on all pieces to end on a WS row, and add a tiny bit of length.

Would only make one comment/change on the pattern. It calls for cast on, then 4 rows of ribbing, ending with a WS row…but, if you do a long-tail cast on, your 4th row is a RS row. So, on the sweater part, I just did the st st, starting with a purl row, rather than a knit row. And on the sleeves, I only did 3 rows of ribbing, to end with a WS row, since the first regular row was in the lace pattern.

So, I had this sweater in my queue, and I went to a fiber festival, and Cleveland Knits West is doing this as a KAL, starting July 1st, but I couldn’t wait. Sorry, gals! But it is a fun knit…can’t wait to wear it…I tried to be laid back and wait for July, but what can I say? I am weak!

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June 15 2009
March 8 2011
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