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Experimental Mitten...yes, there's only 1
July 9 2013
July 10 2013
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Experimental Mitten...yes, there's only 1
Mittens for All by Jodi Lewanda
Experimenting...maybe for Peanut or another small person
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Solids, Heathers & Twists

Using leftovers from some hats, I decided to try out some worsted kids mittens. This was the first pattern I tried, and it was ok. I also decided to do some colorwork…just for fun. :)

Overall, I have decided that I am not going to make mitten #2…it was an experiment, and I think I don’t like the combo of the pattern and the colorwork. There were a LOT of ends to weave in, and I did NOT love that…too much trouble for mittens that will be outgrown before the end of their first season.

Here are my mods:
Cast on 24, work 2xw2 rib for 18 rounds.
Inc 4 sts evenly on round 19 (I started my colorwork here), and work 5 more rounds before thumb.

Inc for Thumb Gusset:
Round 25: k1, m1, k1, m1, k around
Round 26: Knit around
Round 27: K1, m1, k3, m1, k around
Round 28: Knit around
Continue increasing until there are 11 sts in place of the three you started with (end with round 32).

Top of hand:
Round 33: k1, slip 9 thumb sts to holder, cast on 1, k around
Round 34 - 46: knit around

Decreasing for top of hand:
Round 47: (k5, k2tog) around
Round 48 (and all even rounds): knit around
Round 49: (K2, k2tog) around
Round 51: (K1, k2tog) around
Round 53: K2tog around, cut yarn leaving a 6” tail
Weave tail through remaining 6 sts, and fasten off.

Place 9 sts from holder on needles, and cast on an additional stitch in the gap. Knit 9 rounds, decrease and close.

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July 9 2013
July 10 2013
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