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Nessie (the horse)
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Red Heart Super Saver Solids
Red Heart With Love Multis

Gonna make a pony! Very loosely based on photos of THIS PATTERN, which I did not buy…and mine looks much different. But, that’s kinda how I roll!

05.06.13 - I am kindof in awe at how much difference stuffing the body makes! And, I’m glad I did that before I knit the head and neck! It makes it a little fiddley in the first couple rows of the neck, but I can’ imagine waiting to stuff the whole thing through the nose…wait, is that even what the pattern says to do?

05.07.13 - Ok, it’s starting to get some personality now…eyes and nostrils in…body stuffed, nose closed. It looks like a hump-less camel, but it’s coming together, slowly but surely!

05.09.13 - Wow! What a difference the ears, mane and tail have made! I love her…how will I ever give her up?!? Oh, that’s right…the tiny is so cute that resistance will be futile! =D

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

I did 4 cables per side, with one for the front and one for the back, 10 total. C6…pretty tight knitting. Next time, perhaps 12 total? Magic cast on, 3 rows to establish, 6 cables high on body, plus 2 more rows (36 rows total?) before kitchenering back. 4 cables around neck, 48sts…
Should have had 5 cables around neck (60sts), maintaining 2 from each side, and one under chin…I’ll fix by increasing the neck to create two cables on the back of the head, after the first neck cable, and before the turn… Oy. Next one will be better…this one still might not be too bad. The mane will cover some mistakes, right?!?
I short rowed the head turn on half the sts…probably should have done that on 70-80% of the sts. Oh, well. There’s always the next horse! I wonder what I can do wrong next?
Legs…cast on 24, 3 setup rows, 6 cables (36 rows total for cable section, like body). 5 rows seed st for hoof, then decrease by 8sts for two rows and close.

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May 5 2013
May 9 2013
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