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April 3 2014
April 6 2014
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Kitty Toy Kitty
Neulottu kissa by Anna-Maija Järvisalo
The kitty, of course!
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Random Acrylic Scraps

When my granddaughter was in town, we got out her knitting. She is 3, and very cute, but she doesn’t really knit yet…mostly, I cast on a few stitches, and she plays with the knitting as we “take turns” making a doll blanket, scarf, etc. On this visit, as we started our square, she told me that my kitties wanted a new toy…specifically, a toy cat! I immediately thought about this pattern!

It turned out great, and we smooshed it around in a bag of catnip when it was finished…the cats LOVE it! lol! My girl was so proud when she put it on the floor and the cats immediately went nuts over it…“I knitted it, Gramma!,” she exclaimed. It was a beautiful moment!

FYI, the pattern is in Finnish, so I have also included links to an additional pattern that is very similar, and in English! If you like to knit little squares, this is a fun thing to do with them!!!

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April 3 2014
April 6 2014
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