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January 9 2016
February 2 2016
Project info
Six Dollar Experimental Sweater
Simple Set-in Sleeve Cardigan by Knitting Fool
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Loops & Threads Bobby Jean
6 skeins = 1176.0 yards (1075.3 meters), 600 grams
Michaels in Ohio
Loops & Threads Bobby Jean
Michaels in Ohio

So, I started with the yarn, on clearance…purchased some time ago, not sure exactly when.

Then the Knitting Fool pattern, for a base, but my gauge was off, so I adjusted the numbers. Really, this is going to be a crap shoot. But for six bucks, I think I have better chances of a win in this project than I do at the powerball…especially since I don’t play the lottery!

Stitching Notes:
Cast on 220. 1x1 seed stitch on smaller needles for 7 rows, with markers at center back and side “seams.”

Switch to larger needles on row 8, and add 2 purl sts at side “seams” and at center back, while continuing seed stitch in a triangle pattern. St st where seed stitch ceases.:

About 10 rows into this, I decided to add some lace to the st st sections. k2, k2tog, yo, k4, p2, k4, yo, ssk, k2 on row 11; k2, k2tog, yo, k6, p2, k6, yo, ssk, k2 on row 13; (k2, k2tog, yo) twice, k4, p2, k4, (yo, ssk, k2) twice on row 15; (k2, k2tog, yo) twice, k6, p2, k6, (yo, ssk, k2) twice on row 17; continue until all seed stitch is worked out…

When there are 5 seed stitches before the p2 “seams,” continue pattern as set, with 20 sts in lace pattern where lace appears. Knit as set forth until the garment is at least 18” long, then split for sleeves, working fronts and back separately.

Including decreases for v-neck and arm holes, work a total of 48 rows for fronts and backs. Decrease as per pattern reference.

Pick up 3 for 4, a total of 38+38 stitches. Work top down sleeves, as follows:
On round 3 (pick up round is round 1) start short row shaping…knit 19+19+13, turn.
Slip 1, p25, turn.
S1, k24, close gap on next stitch, k1, turn.
S1, p25, close gap on next stitch, p1, turn.
S1, k26, close gap on next stitch, K1, turn.
S1, p27, close gap on next stitch, p1, turn.
S1, k28, close gap on next stitch, K1, turn.
Continue until all 38 stitches on top of shoulder have been worked. Start knitting in the round again.
When a total of 35 rounds have been worked in st st, knit 5 rounds seed stitch, bind off in pattern.

With my first sleeve finished (1/31/16), I am now quite sure that I will NOT run out of yarn. Yay! The sleeves will be short, but that will give me more wear from the sweater…with long sleeves in winter, short sleeves or tanks in spring and fall! My only remaining decision is now the closure. My options are buttons (with loops, I did not make button holes) or a short zipper…

Feb. 3, 2016
I did Dorset buttons! They were fun to make, and I will likely sew them on tonight! This morning, I add photographic proof that I have bound off the sweater, washed and blocked it! (The white yarn is for button placement…I think I may do button loops to match the buttons…)

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January 9 2016
February 2 2016
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