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2013 "Rugby" knee-highs for skiing

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January 9 2013
January 24 2013
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2013 "Rugby" knee-highs for skiing
Rugby by Projekt Managerin
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
459 yards = 4 skeins
Lana Grossa Superlana
none left in stash
2 skeins = 219.4 yards (200.6 meters), 100 grams
Wollhaus Knake
Lana Grossa Superlana
none left in stash
2 skeins = 240.0 yards (219.5 meters), 100 grams
Wollhaus Knake

striped standard knee-high stockings for skiing in extra thick yarn,
knit toe-up using magic loop
relying on this spreadsheet for sizing
but using number of stitches for one smaller size (44 sts) because he has slender feet and he wants them to fit tight
and the wonderful short-row heel with elizzza’s method

rounded toe:
increase round: (k1, m1, knit to last stitch on needle, m1, k1) x2 = +4 sts
using a figure8-cast-on for 2x8 sts
R1,R2,R3: increase rounds (20,24,28 sts)
R4: knit all
R5: increase round (32 sts)
R6,R7: knit all
R8: increase round (36 sts)
R9,R10, R11: knit all
R 12: increase round (40 sts)
R13, R14, R15, R16: knit all
R17: increase round (44 sts)
Change color.
Always knit all sts in each first row of new color
Stripes are six rounds.
upper foot: k1, p2,k2 repeat to end, k1
sole: knit all
heel start after 9 1/2 6-row stripes (57 rounds)
knit short-row heel in same color as toe, with two complete rounds between second part of short rows. Finish with one more row in same color to complete stripe
leg pattern: continue k2-p2 rib on both needles
knit straight for 6 stripes (36 rounds)
increase two stitches every 3rd row for 6 stripes (36 rounds) by broadening central knit-rib from 2 to 4 k sts, next inserting two purl sts etc. In round 27 (after 8 increases=58sts) increase 4x in purl ribs from 2p to 3p ribs successively from inside out in every other round (70 sts)
knit straight for 5 stripes
decrease over next two stripes by reducing 3p ribs to 2p ribs from outside in in every other row (60 sts)
Cuff: with next color change (=toe and heel) change to smaller needle (3mm), install a k1p1-rib, and add elastic for tight fit. 12 rows. Finish with JSSBO.

first sock finished January 14th, 2013
second sock finished January 24th, 2013
you need a full ball of yarn for each stocking’s main color, and almost a full ball for contrast color
both stocking’s weigh 168g

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January 9 2013
January 24 2013
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by Lana Grossa
100% Merino
120 yards / 50 grams
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