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31. Citron
June 1 2015
July 3 2015
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31. Citron
Citron by Hilary Smith Callis
Needles & yarn
1,054 yards
Berroco Folio™
4 skeins = 876.0 yards (801.0 meters), 200 grams
Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns in Nanaimo, British Columbia
Sandnes Garn Kitten Mohair
1 skein = 178.0 yards (162.8 meters), 50 grams

YARN: This yarn is really nice as a Citron. I likely could also have gone up a needle size but I’m still really quite happy with how it’s knitting up.

MODS: After the first several rows, I finally decided to slip the first stitch to make a nice clean edge instead of having those darn garter bumps.

Most unfortunately, I couldn’t pick up stitches to resume so had to completely unravel/frog this. A real shame because the combination of lovely yarn and this neat pattern worked so nicely. I only had the ruffle left to (re)do and the Citron was so soft and squishy -- it would have been lovely to wear. Oh well. On to the next project.

My own huge booboo: I ran out of yarn just as I was nearing the end of the final section (the section before the ruffle section). Since I’d have to drive to the city to see if they even have more of this colour, I decided to do the ruffle in a white mohair blend that I have on hand. May not be my first choice but at least I can finish this thing. --- Using this ball of mohair blend was a mistake. Couldn’t get all 11 rows in and had to begin binding off; not enough yarn to finish the bind off. Going to frog the entire sticky ball of mohair blend and try to pick up all the hundreds of live stitches and go buy another skein of Folio. Should have done that to start with.With over 600 stitches it’s taking literally hours-upon-hours just to rip out, never mind get things started and re-knit.

The main reason this took soooooo long is because I don’t get a lot of time in summer to knit. Mind you, the uber long rows near the bottom take forever.
Really, really laborious doing these final rounds. I doubt very much I’d make another even though I really do like the ruching.

Overall I do like the look of this but it’s not fun to knit (for me). I’d rather knit a sweater for all the time it takes -- actually a sweater doesn’t take this long.

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June 1 2015
July 3 2015
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by Sandnes Garn
50% Acrylic, 30% Mohair, 20% Wool
178 yards / 50 grams
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by Berroco
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