Birds, birds, birds....
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January 11, 2015
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Birds, birds, birds....

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Art project Feathers and dragons and CKAL IFFF
Needles & yarn

Making birds for the many nests, at least for part of them.
I have used the knitted “new leaf” of Rose from the Polar Opposites Freeform Along, to make…. a very tiny bird.
The bird with the turquoise has turned out very different as planned. It has become much more wild as planned, but I am happy with the results. I have used left overs and small experimental pieces in this one.

My third bird in this series is a very wild and bold one…..
I think this says something about me changing…. LOL.
Again I used some of my left-overs (orphans) and experiments for this bird. For the tail I used a crotat exercise with beads.

For the fourth bird I used a lot of hairpin lace, but also a little bit of tatting (attached to the head) and crotat (in the tail). I attached the hairpin lace for the back, wings and tail to a blue non fraying fabric first. To strengthen the wings and tail I made some crochet lace pieces for the underside.

The fifth bird is again a smaller one. I used a left-over paisley from the CKAL Sensational Spirals and Pretty Paisleys at the IFFF for the main part of the bird, shaping it into form, stuffing it and adding a small left-over piece of crochet at the bottom Beads for eyes and weaving a small piece of sprang through the openings (covering the openings and adding a tail at the same time).

The sixth bird is again a small one. It is made from a left over knitted leaf form. I shaped it and added a needlelace belly and a tatted tail and wings.

The seventh bird is made from 2 experiments in hairpin lace. They have a lot of bubbles; so I had to do a lot of shaping and sewing to get the form of this duck. But just playing with the experimental pieces, it happened.

The next bird in this series has real bright colors. It is inspired by Julia from Dada Neon Crochet. So the name of this bird had to be Julia! The cobalt blue at the picture is in reality turquoise…..
I used al lot of crotat for this bird, but I also did some knitting from the book Reverse knitting. I started with following the pattern and then freeformed with it.

The next bird in the series is a green/brown bird at a green/brown nest. One day when I left my house I found a bag with yarn in front of my door. For this bird I have used some of the yarns from that bag. For the tail of this bird I used some tatting and needle-tatting experiments.

I am learning Margaretenspitze - still have a lot to learn - but also already experimenting and freeforming with it…. So another tiny little bird was born…..

I did an exchange (a swap) with Donna Walker. From that exchange another tiny little bird was born. The wings of this bird are made by Donna. It is needle-lace. The tail is again Margaretenspitze. The total height of the bird and the nest is only 10 cm.

The base of another bird was made by Femke Kloppenburg. I added a little and formed it into a bird (at a simple purple nest, made from a hat).

February 2017 - My hubby gave me 2 small pieces of sprang. I transformed it in a very small bird, putting it at one of my nests.

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In progress
January 11, 2015
work in progress
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