Black with a touch of blue
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October 20, 2016

Black with a touch of blue

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Raggedy Raven
Needles & yarn

I have started with making black feather-like scrumbles, using knitting (with picots) and sprang. I am also using scraps of netting fabric and lace.

This will become a large bird - maybe you can already guess what kind of bird this will be…..

October 5: Just completed the wings. The tail is also ready. Next I will have to work at the body.
The bird sitting at the wings is just to compare for the size….

For the body I use “exaggerated” freeform Kantha quilting.

For this bird I have used the pattern Raggedy Raven as a base. However I have changed a lot. First of all I changed the size, making it much larger. I also have chosen to cover the wings, body, head and tail in my own way. I have knitted the beak.

The legs caused some problems… it was difficult to get the wire through the already stuffed body. But with some help of my husband and some tools it succeeded.
My husband also did the machine sewing part of the bird - we worked together for this.

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October 20, 2016
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