experimental sprang
March 2014

experimental sprang

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art project feathers and dragons
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This experimental double sprang I hope to use in a folding-screen as a background for the fairytale I am writing about the frightened little bird and the dragon.
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I add to this project another experiment in sprang. Or actually it is a combination of sprang and knitting. So excited about this.
March 27: I have added another photo of this combination now…. The photo is made hanging it over the Christmas tree. This Christmas tree I want to cover completely with this kind of freeform - changing it into a fairytale tree.

For the knitting part I am using the book Crazy lace of Myra Wood. I am freeforming with it, using short rows to shape.

April 22: Today I finished the first experimental double sprang. Very glad with the results.

Preparing now for the second piece - using the Lucet to make some bold materials.

September 25: A different sprang experiment, trying to make a freeform scrumble of sprang!

September 30: I am very excited for having finished a scrumble of freeform sprang!

My husband and I designed a special frame for this…..
The frame can be opened to get the sprang of the frame or to add new loops.

October 8: I finished another piece of freeform sprang. In fact I made several pieces of sprang which I stitched together.

2015,July 26: Another experiment in sprang and knitting. After a long time of almost no sprang I am spranging again! Will probably use this for my second folding screen.

2017 December - Completely forgotten to update this as finished. I have used a lot of experimental sprang in my fairytale screen

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March 2014
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