Fairytale screen
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April 25, 2016

Fairytale screen

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I will make a second folding screen as decor for the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon.
I am already preparing this for a long time. My experimental sprang will be part of it.
I also will use some stick-weaving in it and probably some knitting also.

This project was hibernating, because I am not able to do the sprang part at the moment. But….. I have found another way of still adding to it. It is with buttonhole stitch and knotted buttonhole stitch. Finally I added a knitted picot fringe through part of the holes.

I managed to do a small sprang. Some knitting (yes it is knitting!) was added. Using the picot playing method.
I made some more small samples of sprang, combined with knitting. One of them is a chevron-pattern in sprang. I am so happy that I managed to do this! The other one is a combination with weaving. The crocheted leaves were made by Wonieka.

Around the upright part of the screen I am also using sprang.

Experimenting with the combination of weaving, sprang, needlelace, crochet now…..

2015, November 30: I added a picture of the folding screen in progress…. Not too nice weather to take a picture…. but I think you can see the progress now….. I still have to fill in some of the too big holes and to one part I still have to add sprang around a thick woolen rope. Still working on that. I also still have to do the bottom part and the nest of the weaver bird…… So still enough work to do before it is finished.

2016, February 2: I have worked a lot at the underside of the screen now - the undergrowth with the mushrooms, etc.

2016, February 16: I have added a nightingale to the folding screen.

2016, April 25 I finished the screen, but not the pictures, but I have made and selected the pictures too now (May 16) - so it is now really finished and I am very happy with it.

So this now is no longer just a folding screen, but it has really become a fairytale screen. It belongs to my art project Feathers and dragons and the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon.

In this fairytale screen a lot of different techniques are used. The most of it is freeform sprang. I have a website about freeform sprang.


This fairytale screen can now be seen in my Vertelmuseum De Vlechtvogel in Heerenveen, the Netherlands.

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April 25, 2016
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