freeform trees folding screen
October 14, 2013
May 17, 2014

freeform trees folding screen

Project info
fairytale about the frightened little bird and the dragon
Large - has to fit in a folding screen
Tools and equipment

Have to make background trees for my fairytale.
Bought 2 folding screens at the thrift store.
Weaving with sticks, I make the basis for the bark of the tree trunks. I also use free crochet for it.
Started making branches with old clothesline I got from a neighbor. Wrapping green fruit nets around it. Then wrapping a kind of yarn around it I found at the thrift store.

Making smaller branches: using plastic and fruit nets, twisted together for the core.
And starting embroidering the background for in the folding screen…. Free embroidery, mostly using raised chain stitch, fly stitch and buttonhole stitch.
27-10: Finished the first panel….

I used the ifff instructions Freeform gifts from the heart to knit part of a tree trunk.

November 10: Finished the second panel of free embroidery.

Working also at the backside now: The backside will be free machine appliqué and embroidery.

Finished the first upright part of the folding screen to become a tree trunk.

December 7: Finished the third panel of free embroidery

Started to sew the second tree trunk - still have to do some more weaving….
And I will have to tone it down a bit with brown tule or mosquito net, because it tends to become too much a foreground in stead of a background.

March 17: I have finished a first panel for the top of the folding screen with the embellishing machine. I added some hand embroidery.

May 13: The third big panel is sewn to the folding screen now… Still have to do the other side and the panels below and at the top of the folding screen.

May 16: The folding screen is all filled now. I did the other side and the panels at the underside. I have toned down the freeform 101 scrambles (at the underside) at one side, with a layer of brown mosquito net.

May 17: Attached some tree branches and leaves to one side. Still some things to do at the other side. But almost completed now!!! I decided not to make branches at the other side. But I continued the hand embroidery to blend everything more together.

May 17 evening: Wow…. finally finished! It is not the good light now to take photos, but I will take photos next week….

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October 14, 2013
May 17, 2014
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