The inner child playing
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June 30, 2015

The inner child playing

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My inner child who wants to play!
Hooks & yarn

My inner child wants to play. Play with color, play with yarn, play with techniques. So she is happy with the ABC of Color April FFAL at the IFFF! I have chosen the letter F. In my language I could find these colors:

  • frambozenrood - raspberry read
  • fuchsia - fuchsia
  • flamingoroze - flamingo pink
  • flessengroen - bottle green
  • frisgroen - fresh green

Techniques with a F to start with:

  • frivolité - tatting
  • frivolitéhaken - crotat (crochet tatting)
  • franje breien - knitting fringe

Another letter to play with: L - the L of lace.

  • lila - lilac
  • lavendel - lavendel
  • lavendelgrijs - lavendel grey
  • leverkleur - liver color
  • lampenzwart - lamp’s black
  • linnen - linen

I started with a piece of lace curtaining and inspiration from the book Stitch and structure. I used buttonhole stitch and knotted buttonhole stitch. For the base I used a lace window curtaining fabric (see picture).

June 23: Back to the F…. - I will try to make a bird of this now.
Added with F: fruitnetjes - fruit nets

June 30: Completing the bird. For the eyes I used beads with yarn around it and buttonhole rings - in Dutch buttonholes are festonsteken - so that is also with F……

The nest was already there. I think this one fits this bird.

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June 30, 2015
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