Weaver bird
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April 2016

Weaver bird

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Art project Feathers and dragons - the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon
Needles & yarn

For the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon (in my art project Feathers and dragons) I need a weaver bird. Will have to make a nest for this bird too…..
I am mainly using sprang and picot knitting.

August 26: The weaver bird is ready now, but his nest still has to be made. This can take some time, because he will have his nest in the new folding screen. I am making…..

This bird is still waiting for his nest, which has to be build around a branch, hanging in front of the folding screen I am making. But…. he already found his way to the folding screen. At least he has found a place to sit.

Added a picture with some weaving materials for his nest… (most of them made by my husband)

2016, March 9: I added a picture of sprang for the base of the nest of the weaver. The other materials can be woven through the holes in the sprang.

March 30: The nest of the weaver bird is ready, but it has to be hung to a branch. Still working at leaves for the branch with Margaretenspitze.

April 2: Just added a picture of the nest. Still working at the branch with the leaves.

May 11: Just made a picture of the weaver standing at his nest. It is finished now for some time already. Just still had to make a picture.

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April 2016
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