Prayers of Love Shawl
September 7, 2013
September 10, 2013

Prayers of Love Shawl

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Prayers of Love Shawl by Carla Willingham
Needles & yarn
US 10 - 6.0 mm
Caron Perfect Match
1.73 skeins = 614.2 yards (561.6 meters), 342 grams

Finished size: 68” wide x 27” long.

133 rows / 283 sts.

4 days to knit.

There seems to be a couple of errors in the first chart. On row 3, I moved the two M stitches on each end in 1 stitch so it’s like row 5, since you can’t do a M1 at the edge. Row 13 has an error at the left end. The YO should be in the 4th stitch from the left, with 3 knit stitches after it and 5 knit stitches before it (to match the right side). Then on the following row (row 14), the first 3 stitches on the left side should be knit on wrong side, then purl 7 (to match the right side).

After working the red boxed area 7 times, there will be 115 stitches on each side of the red box (not counting the edge stitches) but you need 113 stitches for Chart 2 to fit. I decided to stop the red boxed heart in chart 1 after a total of 6 times. This leaves me 101 stitches on either side of the red box (not counting the edge stitches) and if I repeat the red box on chart 2 five times instead of 6, I’ll need 97 stitches to make chart 2 fit. So I’m just going to add 4 stitches to chart 2 after the first 3 edge stitches and first yarnover, and before the last 3 edge stitches and yarnover. So, for example, row 1 of Chart 2 will start of with k3, yo, k7, then proceed with the pattern all the way thru the middle heart and across to the left edge. Then I’ll end the left side with k7, yo, k3.

After having done this, I noticed that the two sides on Chart 2 don’t increase outward to take into account the increases made by yarn overs on either end of that chart. So the number of knit stitches between the beginning & end of the heart pattern and the edges of the chart increases on every right side row.

Row1 1-38 (38 rows, 91 sts)
Rows 25-38 (14 rows, 119 sts)
Rows 25-38 (14 rows, 147 sts)
Rows 25-38 (14 rows, 175 sts)

Rows 25-38 (14 rows, 203 sts)
Rows 25-38 (14 rows, 231 sts)

Edging hearts (chart 1 & chart 2) rows 39-58 (20 rows, 271 sts)

Edging rows 59-63 (4 rows, 283 sts)
Bind off on WS row 64.

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September 7, 2013
September 10, 2013
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