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June 6 2014
June 10 2014
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Teasdale by Corrina Ferguson
50” wide x 16” long
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Knit Picks Palette
1.48 skeins = 341.9 yards (312.6 meters), 74 grams
Knit Picks

Finished size: 50” wide x 16” long.

5 days to knit.

344 rows on lace edging; 70 short rows.

Setup rows 1-46
Lace Border #1 (R1-12)
Lace Border #2 (R1-6)
Border Note: when binding off the 4 sts at the beginning of those rows, the last stitch on your needle after the 4 bound-off stitches is actually the first purl stitch on the chart, so you actually only purl 5 after the 4 bound-off stitches. Also, I bound those stitches off purlwise.

Lace Border #2 (R7-12)
Lace Border #3-#11 (R1-12)

Lace Border #12-#21 (R1-12)
Decrease Chart, R1-46
Short Rows Setup, R1-2
Repeating Short Rows #1, R1-3
NOTE: the directions in the Repeating Short Rows really should say to not count the yarn overs when counting stitches before the last turn.

Repeating Short Rows #1, R4-6
Repeating Short Rows #2-11, R1-6
Repeating Short Rows R1-2
(I’m stuck here because I’m not sure if I need to do another repeat of rows 1-6; waiting to hear from the designer)
I decided to stop here after doing the Repeating Short Rows a TOTAL of 11 times plus rows 1 & 2. Also, on the second half of the bind-off, I did it purlwise because it was on the right side. This matched the first half bind-off which was knitwise on the wrong side.

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June 6 2014
June 10 2014
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