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Very Pink Socks
January 9 2009
February 4 2009
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Very Pink Socks
Two at Once, Toe-Up Magic Loop Socks by Knit Picks Design Team
The usual clown feet size.
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Wool Solid
5 yards in stash
1.97 skeins = 334.9 yards (306.2 meters), 98 grams
Knitter's Kove in Colorado Springs, Colorado

2/18/09: These socks made their debut today and they’re wonderful. They fit perfectly!

2/5/09: I had the socks on briefly for the photo shoot today. I’m optimistic that I’ve finally hit upon the perfect sock pattern for my foot.

2/4/09: I finished the second sock tonight while working on the computer and watching The Daily Show and American Experience: The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer (fascinating!).

Summary of these socks:

  • CO 6
  • Increase to 74, 75
  • Ribbing pattern: K1, ^P2, K4^
  • 3” into pattern, decrease to 72 stitches
  • Start heel flap at 7.5” length (total)
  • 2.25” heel flap on 35 stitches
  • Heel turn on 11 stitches
  • Start slip stitch pattern on row 3 of heel turn
  • After gusset, decrease to 74
  • After 3.5” of leg pattern, switch to 3x3 ribbing
  • After 1.5” ribbing, KFB and BO

2/3/09: I finished the first sock tonight while watching the final hour of Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte, Morning Glory, All About Bette and Law & Order: SVU.

I knit 3.5” of the leg (measuring from the top edge of the heel flap) in 4X2 ribbing and then switched to 3X3 ribbing for 1.5”. Then I KFB in every knit stitch before binding off.

2/2/09: I did a little bit of knitting while watching the first hour of Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte.

2/1/09: I knit more on both legs while having a Bette Davis movie marathon: The Girl From 10th Avenue (entertaining), Satan Met A Lady (really not very good) and Front Page Woman (the best of the lot).

1/30/09: I brought the second leg up to the same length as the first leg tonight while watching The Night Of The Hunter.

1/29/09: I knit some more on a leg tonight while watching Blind Date.

All of a sudden, these socks are taking forever!

1/28/09: I knit up one of the legs tonight while watching Part Three of MGM: When The Lion Roars.

1/25/09: This afternoon I started knitting up the leg of the first sock while working on the computer.

This evening I started and completed the second gusset while watching The Philadelphia Story (one of my all time favorites!) and a few episodes of the Duggar Family Freak Show (yes, I’m so ashamed…I also rubberneck at car accidents and peer at roadkill in the ditch).

1/24/09: I finished the first gusset tonight while watching Part Two of MGM: When The Lion Roars.

I only decreased the gusset to 74 stitches.

1/23/09: I knit a couple of rows tonight while watching Show People. I have a hard time knitting while watching silent films. I always miss a lot.

1/19/09: I picked up and started knitting the first gusset tonight while watching Hold Your Man (love that movie!).

1/17/09: I knit the heel flaps and turned both heels today and tonight while watching the news, Theodora Goes Wild, More Sex In The Civil War and SVU.

Each heel flap is 2.25” long and knit on 35 stitches.

The heel turns are on 11 stitches.

I started the slip stitch pattern on row three of the heel turn.

1/15/09: Today and tonight I finished the feet of both socks while watching Nothing Sacred (disappointing), Twentieth Century (John Barrymore was amazing!), the news of the Hudson River plane crash, Grey’s Anatomy and The Daily Show.

Each foot is 7.5” long (measured from the tip of the toe).

1/14/09: More progress was made tonight while watching last season’s finale of Lost. I’ve loved a lot of TV shows in my life, but I’ve never known a love like Lost. I just hope this show doesn’t break my heart like some other shows have.

1/13/09: I’ve now knit 3” of pattern on both socks. Just before finishing for the night I decreased both socks down to 72 stitches. I’m not sure why, I just went with my gut (after trying them on).

Tonight’s knitting was done while watching Part One of MGM: When The Lion Roars.

1/12/09: The socks got a little longer tonight while watching two more episodes of Lost and Party Wire.

1/11/09: I knit about an inch and a half of each foot tonight while watching two episodes of Lost, Desperate Housewives and Beyond The Rocks.

I’m really liking the ribbed pattern I chose. It suits the yarn perfectly.

1/10/09: I finished the toes of both socks and started on the feet while watching Dinner At Eight, Bombshell and Platinum Blonde.

1/9/09: I cast on and knit most of the first toe while watching three episodes of Lost. The new season starts in less than two weeks, so I’m refreshing my memory.

I cast on 6 stitches for both socks. I increased one sock to 74 stitches and the other sock to 75 stitches.

The ribbing pattern is: K1, ^P2, K4^.

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January 9 2009
February 4 2009
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