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February 14 2009
March 8 2009
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Found Time Socks
Two at Once, Toe-Up Magic Loop Socks by Knit Picks Design Team
As always: to fit my clown feet
Needles & yarn
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
Knit Picks Simple Stripes
69 yards in stash
1.7 skeins = 392.7 yards (359.1 meters), 85 grams

3/30/09: I’ve worn these socks a couple of times and they are fantastic. They fit well and don’t slide around in my shoes.

3/8/09: I finished the socks this afternoon while catching up on random Tivo stuff (Jeopardy, LHOTP, AMW, old episodes of Lost, etc.).

I have been binding off by KFB in every knit stitch and then BO on the next round. I didn’t feel like doing that this time so I did the Sewn Bind Off. It was very easy, I liked it a lot better than my old method and it looks better, too. On the second sock I didn’t slip the first stitch off the needle. Instead, I put it on the other needle. This closed the gap that I had on the first sock.

I had enough yarn to make these socks a tad longer (there is 15g leftover), but I stopped when I did because I really don’t like super long socks.

Overall, I liked the yarn a lot, although it was bit splitty.

Summary of these socks:

  • CO 7
  • Increase to 72
  • Then decrease to 68
  • Decrease again to 64
  • 7.5” foot
  • 2.25” heel flap
  • Increase 2 stitches ~4” from top of heel flap
  • ~5.75” from top of heel flap, start the 2x2 ribbing In the first ribbing row, increase 2 stitches (on one sock) and 4 stitches (on the other sock) to even out the ribbing
  • BO with sewn bind off

3/7/09: Tonight I finished knitting the legs on both socks and started on the cuff ribbing. This was done while watching Notorious (love this movie!), Spellbound (so good!) and Nine Lives Are Not Enough (eh, not so great, but not awful, either).

I knit ~5.75” from the top of the heel flap before I started the ribbing. Once I started the ribbing I increased two stitches on one sock and four stitches on another in order to even out the ribbing.

3/5/09: I made progress on both socks tonight while watching Survivor and Reserved For Ladies (Leslie Howard was the only good thing about this movie).

About 4” from the top of the heel flap I increased two stitches on each sock.

3/4/09: I did three color blocks on one sock tonight while watching Of Human Hearts (what a weird movie - child abuse and life lessons from Lincoln).

3/3/09: I did three blocks of color on one sock tonight while doing pictures.

3/1/09: This afternoon I finished the second heel flap and turned both heels while watching Law & Order: SVU and talking on the phone.

This evening I knit both gussets while watching The Amazing Race, Rear Window and Vertigo.

2/28/09: I finished the second sock foot and knit its heel flap today while eating and gabbing with Felicia. I also knit most of the other heel flap. I only have half a color block to go on that heel flap.

2/27/09: Cue up the record. I knit less than one color block on one sock today.

2/26/09: I knit another block of color on one sock while doing pictures. I sound like a broken record.

2/25/09: I finished the first foot tonight while doing pictures and watching Lost. The foot is 7.5” long.

2/24/09: I knit one block of color on one sock while doing pictures tonight.

2/22/09: I knit a tiny bit on both socks tonight while doing pictures. I also decreased both socks four more stitches (didn’t feel tight enough).

2/20/09: I knit a block and a half of color on one sock tonight while uploading and processing pictures.

2/17/09: I made more progress tonight while uploading and processing pictures.

I tried on a sock and it seemed too big, so I decreased four stitches (down to 68).

2/16/09: I knit a block and a half of color on each sock while uploading and processing pictures. I didn’t think I’d be able to knit this much while doing the pictures, so yay for found knitting time!

2/14/09: I cast on both socks and even got started on both sock feet tonight while watching Poltergeist (“they’re here!”), Marty (what a sweet, little movie) and The Divorcee (Norma Shearer was simply gorgeous and I loved the line “That I’ve balanced our account.”).

For both socks I cast on 7 stitches and increased to 72. I also matched the stripes. I don’t know why. I’ve never matched my socks before, but this pair wanted to be matched.

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February 14 2009
March 8 2009
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