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Sweet Dreams KAL Teixicomanes

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June 8 2013
June 29 2013
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Sweet Dreams KAL Teixicomanes
Sweet Dreams by Boo Knits
Needles & yarn
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash
1 skein = 575.0 yards (525.8 meters), 150 grams
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bayern

Sweet dreams or my little nightmare! It’s a beautiful shawl, clever pattern and gorgeous yarn. I did 2 repeats of chart B. Had two rip back and entire repetition because I forgot a couple of kyok at the end of row. After fixing that I run out of yarn when I had 35stc left to bind-off… nightmare! Found some gretaandthefibers yarn that I had left from another yarn. In the end I think it looks beautiful and will probably knit it again. Will do stocking part smaller and lace larger. It’s a huge shawl, more than 2mts of wingspan.

Dulces sueños o mi pequeña peadilla. Es un chal precioso, un buen patron y una lana impresionante. Hice dos repeticiones del grafico B. Se me olvido hacer un par de kyok al final de unas vuelta y tuve que deshacer toda una repeticion del rafico B. Despues de arreglarlo me quedé sin lana a 35 puntos de cerrar… pesadilla! al final encontré un resto de lana de gretaandthefibers. Porbablemente lo tejere otra vez pero con la parte lisa más pequeña y el calado más grande.
Es un chal enorme (más de 2 metros de ancho)
Will CO the 8th of June with rest of group.
11-06-13: 205 stc. Finish chart a
14-06-13: finished first repetition of chart b. Not sure if I’ll knit another one or go straight to chart c. 80grs. left
15-06-13: started 2nd chart b.
20-06-13: after fixing first attempt finally doing it right. Row 11 chart b2
22-06-13: row 13
23-06-13: row 21
24-06-13: finished second repeat chart b. Row 3 chart c.
25-06-13: row 11
26-06-13: finish knitting, pending bind-off
28-06-13: blocking right now. Its huge, 2mts wingspan
picot bind-off video

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June 8 2013
June 29 2013
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by Rohrspatz & Wollmeise
100% Merino
574 yards / 150 grams
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