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Mittelgroße runde Decke Fig 7 by Verlag für die Frau Design Team
Table SettingTablecloth
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash
2875 yards in stash
4 skeins = 2300.0 yards (2103.1 meters), 600 grams
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bayern
March 14, 2014

Pattern hails from an early-seventies Crochet and Fine Knitting book published by E.E. Visser in South Africa, itself appearing to be a collection of worldwide vintage patterns.

Thanks to cairnknits, it was tracked back to Mittelgrosse runde Decke, Fig. 7 linked above. In the Visser book the pattern is called Theresa.

The Wollmeiseholics Anonymous group’s Round and Holey Redux KAL requires a lace piece worked in the round using a minimum of 1000 yards of yarn.

The original doily/tablecloth appears to use substantially less; this coupled to the fact that I don’t particularly like the edge means that I will be trying to use an alternate middle ring and edge. No idea what yet.
I’ve decided on Vernal Equinox, charts 5 through 6b, but first to extend the mesh portion on the original.

I’m also considering beads at the edge to provide weight and a little bit of sparkle.

4/13/14: Finished my Iznik shawl last night, and cast on for Theresa this morning. Despite my initial inclination to try the umbilical cast on I ended up using the disappearing loop cast on. Pretty simple and uneventful.

I cast on using size 5 needles and used magic loop immediately. I changed to size 6 after round 12; the fabric on size 5 made for a firm and sturdy beginning. I am hoping however that the size 6 will result in a more open fabric. Might have to go up more later on.

Completed round 28.

4/14: Completed round 34, including lifeline.

This is the third lifeline, the other two spaced roughly twelve rounds apart, and it was way overdue, as I got myself into trouble by not paying attention. In the end I had to tink back two rounds to resolve my errors, and it provided serious incentive to use lifelines a lot more frequently.

I am using locking stitch markers after each of the eight repeats.

4/15: Pictures after round 36.

The work appears to have more than double the required stitches for the circumference, but the little test for the picture proved that it lies flat when stretched as if blocking.

4/17: Pictures after round 62

4/27: Pictures after round 104.

Completed Theresa pattern as written up to the point the border starts after the diamond mesh. Continuing the mesh “for a while.”

Created a modification to the mesh to add more diamonds - Vernal Equinox chart 5 starts with 10 stitch repeats, whereas each section on Theresa currently has 66 stitches.

4/29: Started mesh modification at round 109 (104+5)
Resulting in 72 stitches per repeat, 576 sts total
First skein finished at round 109.25

5/5: Another repeat of the mesh modification chart.
Resulting in 78 stitches per repeat, 624 sts total

5/9: Pictures after round 145

Changing to size 7 needles.

Completed round 144 - and the extra mesh I had planned.
Continuing now with the rounds of stockinette and eyelets, before transferring to Vernal Equinox.

Yarn consumption:
Skein 1: 163g without label => 624.83 yards.
Skein 2: 161g without label => 617.17 yards
Skein 3: 155g without label => 594.17 yards
Skein 4: 162g without label => 621.00 yards

Final: 13g remaining
Total: 628g used => 2407.33 yards

Beads: 19 per repeat (64 repeats) => 1216 beads

Round 090 - 113g used, 50g remaining (Skein 1)
Round 104 - 150g used, 13g remaining (Skein 1)
Round 109 - 163g used, 00g remaining (Skein 1)
Round 137 - 245g used, 79g remaining (Skein 2)
Round 145 - 270g used, 54g remaining (Skein 2)
Round 155 - 305g used, 19g remaining (Skein 2)
Rounds 156-163: alternating skeins 2 & 3 due to concerns of color matching
Round 163.5 - Skein 2 exhausted
Round 181 - 423g used, 56g remaining (Skein 3)
Round 185 - 445g used, 34g remaining (Skein 3)
Round 188 - 462g used, 17g remaining (Skein 3)
Round 190 - 473g used, 06g remaining (Skein 3)
Round 191 - 479g used, 00g remaining (Skein 3)
Round 215 - 628g used, 13g remaining (Skein 4)

PS: A note on the final few pictures:
Donna (knitweir) provided beautiful stitchmarkers as prizes for all of the KAL participants in the n00b category.
Thanks Donna!

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April 13, 2014
July 26, 2014
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