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Grey Cropped Hoodie

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January 30 2012
February 27 2012
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Grey Cropped Hoodie
#09 Green Iiris / Cropped Hoodie by Mari Muinonen / tikru
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted

It’s done. It looks awesome. I re-did the hood so that it’s a round one (a personal recipe), modified the number of stitches in the bust, added an inch before starting the body pattern, and waited to put on the sleeves until completing the short rows (modified for those extra stitches. All other “modifications” were compensating for the sadness of this pattern.

I should have added more raglan when I changed the hood--I didn’t realize it started mid-shoulder. A few more decreases would have been in order. To compensate for the major gap-osis (the technical term) at the back of the neck, I gathered every other stitch for 6 rows between markers 3 and 4 after finishing the shoulder and neck shaping.

Make sure you graft your cables, not 3 needle bind off.

Some of the errata I noticed:

The arm decreases are incorrect for achieving the desired length through the raglan section. And I don’t just mean stitch counts. I also mean row counts. Rows 3-6 in the raglan section should really be rows 3-10, with decrease rows only on rows 3 and 7. (there will only be 33 rows in the raglan decreases. That’s only 5.25” from the armpit to the neck. If you work the increases every forth row, there are instead 11.75” in addition to the band. Take a close look at the arms on the photo and you’ll see what I mean)

Chart A has misprinted knit RS/purl WS stitches in row 8 (directly beneath the double cable in row 9)

Chart B is missing a purl stitch in row 40 (it’s there in Chart C)

Short row 1 (ws) for neck shaping contains a calls for a knit stitch. This is incorrect as well.

If you want it to look similar to the photo, you also need to slip the first stitch every row for the cabled bands (chart A, and the hood edge of B and C)

I’m working a different hood altogether, so I cannot speak to that portion of the pattern. No elf points for me.

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January 30 2012
February 27 2012
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