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Woolsack cushion
October 2011
April 26 2012
Project info
Woolsack cushion
Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown
Needles & yarn
Aran (8 wpi)

Grey suffolk over dyed in purple and turquoise, spun as 2ply aran weight.

Project 1
Front of the cushion used the 10 stitch blanket pattern and was finished by the New Year. Back was just garter stitch and so boring, after the numerous false starts to get the dimensions matching it still wasn’t finished by the start of this month and it is needed to be ready to be offered to the Olympic athletes coming to the UK. This was the perfect chance to get wriggle on and finish it. The other reason for leaving it was that I wasn’t sure I had enough yarn to finish it. The yarn was my own hand dyed and spun, and there was NO MORE. in the end I finished with about 15cm left, phew.
(please note the cushion isn’t stuffed yet as it needs to go to a Woolsack stuffing station to get its properly approved wool filling to meet the requirements of the project and make sure any athlete who chooses it can take it home without it being impounded by customs)

Project 2
To sew the blanket up I had to buy(!) a ball of wool (the cushions have to by made of UK wool only). I only used a tiny bit of the ball, so to use some more I made my Olympic mouse who is sat on the cushion. This is my first attempt at fair isle with lots of colours and, OK, it’s not huge, but it’s not too bad, the stuffing isn’t poking out and the stitches are pretty much the same size, so I’m pleased.

Ear burning tammyg lididi

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October 2011
April 26 2012
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