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August 23 2013
September 12 2013
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Tatu ja Patu Helsingissä
gramps by tincanknits
Benjamin Alexander
1-2 years old
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm
503 yards = 1.53 skeins
Novita 7 Veljestä
1 skein = 328.0 yards (299.9 meters), 150 grams
Novita 7 Veljestä
0.53 skeins = 175.0 yards (160.0 meters), 80 grams

Testing this pattern for Tincanknits:

I love the way it looks and I love the top-down construction as well.

Knitting size 1-2 year old for a boy. The main color is white and the contrast color grey. CO36 and knitting according to instructions.

Yoke adjustments to make the pattern clear:

Row 1: KFB, knit until next marker, m1R, k1, slip marker, k1, m1L (repeat for all markers), KFB on last stitch

Row 3: KFB, KFB m1R, k1, sm, k1, m1L, k1 on all other markers, KFB, KFB on two last stitches

Row 5 and forward: m1R, k1, sm, k1, m1L, k1 on all markers
Row 7 and forward: k1, m1L then m1R, k1, sm, k1, m1L, k1 on all markers, knit until last stitch, m1R, k1.

Separated arms as instructed: no problems. Knitting the body is smooth and easy. Knit about 18 cm from underarm. Switched to CC gray on ribbing and 3,5 mm needles. Bound off with Jeni’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off.

Started knitting the sleeves with 4 mm KnitPro Symphony dpn:s but realized that my in-the-round stockinette gauge is WAY tighter that going back-and-forth so had to change to 4,5 mm needles after 10 rounds. Picked up double amount of stitches underarm and decreased them on the first row in order not to leave a hole. Knit sleeves for 30 rows before starting decreases and knitting 20 more rows. Knit rib in CC for 4 rows on 3,5 mm needles.

Knit button band and collar as instructed. There is a typo on the test version of the elbow patches: Row2 should say “KNIT to last stitch” where is now implies to “k1 m1 to last stitch” resulting in much more increases. My patches are shaped differently due to this: I like the asymmetry and didn’t want to frog.

This is NOT my favorite yarn in the world but I am using it since it is washable and durable which comes in handy with a baby.

The cardigan grew A LOT during blocking: we’ll see if it’s better for a 5-year old :-D

The end-result looks super-cute and I really want to make more of these. Easy, fun knitting and rewarding construction. There is enough of details to keep the project interesting and top-down is the greatest sweater-idea ever!

What size did you knit? 1-2 yo

FINISHED DIMENSIONS - measure your blocked garment and provide these finished measurements:
a) chest / bust: 33 cm
b) length from underarm to hem: 24 cm
c) overall length from centre back to hem: 40 cm
d) length from underarm to sleeve cuff: 20 cm
e) overall sleeve length from collar to cuff: 36 cm
f) yoke depth from underarm to collar: 16 cm

Recommended sizing adjustments
I would knit the cuff a bit longer because it allows for longer use per size: the kids don’t usually grow as fast side-wise as they do in length so a long cuff allows you to roll it when the toddler is small and then open it when they are bigger. This way a cardigan can easily be used over a year instead of just months (yeah they do grow fast :-))

What yarn did you use? Novita 7 veljestä

What needles did you use? 4 mm KnitPro Symphony interchangable circulars for the body, 4,5 mm KnitPro Symphony dpn:s for the sleeves and 3,5 mm bamboo dpn:s for the rib.

What gauge did you achieve (in stockinette) using these needles? 16x22 with great variation (and different one swatching)

How much yarn did you use in yards? 230 g = 503 y

How did you block your project? Soaked it in water, pressed excess water out, laid on a blocking mat and pinned without stretching

Was there anything you found confusing?
“Button band and shawl collar” It wouldn’t hurt to mention, that “the marker is needed until binding off, make sure to keep it on your needles”. Always mentioning row numbers and sides would be hugely helpful: i.e. “Row 1 RS: pick up…” and then “Row 2 WR: establish rib…” etc continuing with the collar.
With the collar, I would’ve been lost without previous short-row experience. It would be good to mention every row number again and if it is the right or the wrong side of the project: “Row 3 RS: Work rib to 2 sts past marker number 2, W&T. Row 4 WR: Work rib to 2 sts past marker number 1, W&T.” I would probably also edit the wording for “3 sts before the gap” because it isn’t obvious what the gap is unless you’ve done short-rows before. I prefer to use a marker where I am supposed to turn next so “place W&T turning marker X sts after the W&T”.

Did you find any errors in the pattern? If so, where?

  • The count is off on the yoke set-up row: for size 1-2 year old, I am following the third size which means casting on 26 sts. Then I should purl 1+6+22+6+1=36.
  • On the 1st row when it says (knit to 1st before marker, m1, k2, m1) I was confused about when to slip the marker. But based on previous top-down experience, I reasoned that “knit to 1 st before marker, m1, k1, sm, k1, m1” and then knit until next marker and repeat, would make sense. Since there is only 1 st before the first marker (and after the last marker), I just made 1 additional stitch in that stitch on the first row.
  • On row 3: with the “k1,m1” at the beginning of the row. This is again quite confusing for the small sizes since there are only two stitches now.
  • There is a typo on the test version of the elbow patches on page 4: Row2 should say “KNIT to last stitch” where is now implies to “k1 m1 to last stitch” resulting in much more increases.
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August 23 2013
September 12 2013
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by Novita
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
328 yards / 150 grams
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