Low Tide
January 9, 2013
March 26, 2013

Low Tide

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Low Tide by tincanknits
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin
204 yards in stash
1.6 skeins = 816.0 yards (746.2 meters), 240 grams
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise GmbH in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bayern
October 2012

My swatch gives 19x29 gauge which means that to knit size L, I need to follow directions for toddlers. Hmm that seems a little brave… I think I’ll go with size S instructions for sts and a larger size for rows to make it longer. I might go with garter stitch on the hem to make this faster. Someone else did it as well and their cardi looks great!

14.1. Slow knitting but oh - so pretty ja yes, much fun :-)

22.2. OK the bodice pieces are now blocking (the project was on hold during vacation…) and they seem a bit large. I may need to kitchener a few sts on the shoulders, we’ll see. But the lace pattern is gorgeous and they were fun to knit as well. I already like the construction of the cardi :-)

I am knitting the body with 3,5 mm needles.

6.3. The midway-picture shows how far I got with the first skein: the upper body, sleeves and half of the hem are done. The sleeves I knit with 80 sts on 2,75 mm needles (3 rounds, 12 sts before w&t and then 6 rounds: last 3 rows garter). They are bit tight to I might steek the underarm for a looser fit.

24.3. OK It is all knit up now and just waiting for buttons and blocking. Did 3 purl rows on the hem and bound off with an i-cord bind-off.

25.3. I frogged the sleeves and knit 3 rows, then did an i-cord bind-off on the sleeves as well: much better. Especially since it doesn’t look the sleeve cap would’ve been on top of my shoulder anyway. I liked the way the short-row sleeves looked but they didn’t fit in this model.

26.3. The shoulders were driving me crazy: they were too wide and made the cardi look stupid allover. But I didn’t want to frog (at all). So I knit two triangle-shaped pieces for the shoulders and attached them about midway. Now it is wearable and I actually like how it feels on. Whew.

I love the construction of this cardigan but it was unwearable the way it was written even though I like wide necklines. At first I thought I would certainly knit it again but now I’m not sure. Next time I would use thicker yarn (although I love this for summer!) and construct the shoulders and sleeves differently to begin with. But with the mods it sits beautifully and knitting the hem was great fun! And the lace is lovely.

To sum up mods:

  • add shoulder pieces
  • I-cord bind-off on sleeves and hem
  • skipped the short-row for sleeves
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January 9, 2013
March 26, 2013
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