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Chainless starting dc stitch - updated
December 30, 2008
January 3, 2009
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Chainless starting dc stitch - updated
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It won! Announced on Monday, April 19 on Getting Loopy!

Woohoo! My video was nominated for a FLAMIE! Go here to vote for it: (old link removed)

ETA 7/19/09: OK, I developed an easier way to make this stitch. Plus a bonus: it’s easier to work into it at the end of the rows, too. ETA 8/11/09: See Youtube link w/ fixed audio.

ETA: This stitch can also be used when working in the round. It can replace “Ch 3 (counts as first dc)” in a pattern. /ETA

Holy WOW! When SimpleKnits described it like that, I tried it & figured it out. I made a beautiful double crochet stitch at the beginning of the row! Let me see if I can verbally describe it…

Turn your work. Pull the loop to about the length of a dc. Hold the top of the loop with your index finger on the top of the hook. Here’s the trick… yarn over with the two strands of the LOOP. So now, you have the strand you’re holding with the index finger & two strands of the loop on the hook. Don’t let go for the stitch, but if you let your finger go, it just looks like you twisted the loop. Ok, to continue, yo with the new yarn & pull through the 2 strands of the loop. Is your index finger still holding the top of the loop? Yes, good! Yo w/ the new yarn & pull through 2 loops. Voila! A fully formed dc at the beginning of the row.

YouTube link will come after I figure out how to upload. (12/30/08)

OK, here is the video link! (1/3/09)

Also see the video for the treble stitch.

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December 30, 2008
January 3, 2009
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