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Searchmont Meets Hudson Bay Throw
In progress
February 2 2017
work in progress
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Searchmont Meets Hudson Bay Throw
Hudson Meets Sochi Throw/Blanket by 2Grrls
my sofa
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Red Heart Super Saver Solids
1456 yards in stash
Michaels in Ontario
January 2017

So I’ve decided to make a couple of modifications to my version of this throw. (Unsurprising to anyone who knows me)
1) I am not double knitting this one. Maybe a future version, but this one will be knit on one side and purl on the other
2) I am adding a small seed stitch border all the way around the blanket to keep it from curling because of change #1
3) I have decided that once blocked, I am going to back this throw with a Canada-related flannel. Canada, because, duh, and flannel because I feel the cold so much easier since the surgery.

Construction Observations To Note;
On sewing a lining to a handknitted item, from TECHknitting

  • I used the crochet cast-on because 360 stitches is too darn many to guess at with some derivative of the long tail cast-on!
  • The crochet cast-on is simple enough but the ease and speed of it is directly relative to the crocheters tension. DO NOT STRANGLE THE HOOK AND YARN WITH A DEATH GRIP (Now you know the secret. You’re welcome.)
  • Next time, the seed stitch border needs to be wider than five stitches.

February 14/2017 -- 2.5” done so far.
Feb 27/2017 -- 7”
May 15th =18” done so far
June 2/2017 -- 20.5” long and almost 1/2 way!
June 15th/2017 -- 8.5” to go before the proper halfway mark. This is the boring part…the ecru/beige.
June 22 -- 22.5” overall and the ecru section in the middle is almost 4” so far.
July 12/2017 -- This throw is never going to end…
(S.S project #1)

Sept 11/2017 -- The center section is 9” long so far. I may just die of boredom in this part…

Oct 22/2017 -- Center section is now 10” long. I am definitely bored with the huge swath of ecru in the middle.

Nov 4th -- Center section is now 12” long. Seriously considering making this section shorter than the pattern calls for.

April 3/2018 -- the center section is a mere 14.5” long. I think if I had known how boring this section was going to be, there would have been modifications made. As it is, all I can do is buckle down and schedule time into every day to plow through this section and get back to the stripes.

July 31/2018 --The center section is now 17.5” long. I doubt it will ever end

Oct 13/2018 -- 20” long in the centre now. Just a couple more to go and then I have to relocate all my stripe colours that I’ve lost track of since the move.

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In progress
February 2 2017
work in progress
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