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To The Journey (socks)
August 10 2016
December 11 2016
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To The Journey (socks)
Women's small
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm

Socks made on order for my mother’s friend, who has size 5.5 feet apparently! I was given yarn and told, “Here, make them stranded, but she hates stripes.” So…

Now that the pair is done, I can say I’m very pleased with how they turned out. These might be my best pair yet!

addendum -- apparently they fit the recipient well and she loves them!

While knitting the first sock of this pair, I’ve been reading about space exploration, NASA and balancing out the brain exercise with brain fluff in the form of Voyager fan fiction. In a specific story (written by the amazing Fletcher DeLancey) is a toast, “To the journey…”

I feel like I’m on a journey among the stars and nebulae while knitting these, so the toast seemed appropriate as a name as well.

Construction details:

-Cuff - 4”
-Cuff to red section - 8 rows
-Red blocks - 2 rows long
-6 rows between red blocks and blue chevrons
-17 rows between chevrons and heel flap

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August 10 2016
December 11 2016
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