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Vintage Lace Pattern Stockings

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May 14 2013
January 4 2014
Project info
Vintage Lace Pattern Stockings
Lace Pattern Stockings by Patons UK
My cold legs
One size
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock
2 skeins = 850.0 yards (777.2 meters), 230 grams
Eat.Sleep.Knit in Dallas, Georgia

Modifications (updating as I go):


  • Cast on 120 stitches
  • Knit for 18 rows
  • Folded hem and knit into cast on row (row 19)


  • Knit 1 row. In this row, I placed markers for where the garter belt clips are going to go. (Tried it on my leg and marked the points where the clips are.) Knit 20, pm, knit 22, pm, knit 22, pm, knit 56 to end of row.
  • On second row, knit to 2 st before marker, k2tog, yo twice, k2tog, repeat 3 times, knit to the end
  • On third row, knit to 1 st before double yarnovers, k2tog, yo twice, k2tog, repeat 3 times, knit to the end (This makes a bit of a bar of yarn across the hole but I needed to make the holes bigger so it works, more or less.)
  • On fourth row, knit all stitches, and in the second YO knit through back loop.
  • Fifth row, knit.


  • this is where I am now. For the decreases, I am leaving that centred knit stitch alone, and decreasing on either side, so it looks like a straight seam down the middle of the leg.

5/15 Cast on. Am following Couturette’s notes for knitting in the round with charts. Thank you, Couturette!

Got stumped when I wondered how do you clip into these? I was working on the folded hem, so I tried clipping garter clips into the folded top, and not only will it not clip into the doubled part it won’t clip into a single layer.

So, I think I am going to make holes to clip garter clips into, just below the fold. That way I can avoid having to add elastic and the socks will stay up! (Hopefully this works.)

5/16 Oh yeah! My holes idea totally works. Will write up my notes so I can replicate on the second stocking and in case you wanted to make these to wear with garters too. Success! It’s not the most elegant way of making holes but it does the trick. Wool stockings here I come!

sweet georgia tough love sock, in bison (ordered with christmas eat.sleep.knit gift cert!)

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May 14 2013
January 4 2014
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by SweetGeorgia Yarns
80% Merino, 20% Nylon
425 yards / 115 grams
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