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W i n t e r S c a r f
November 26 2009
November 30 2009
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W i n t e r S c a r f
Quick Easy-Peasy Scarf by Nicole Okun
Needles & yarn
US 17 - 12.75 mm
Garnstudio DROPS Eskimo
594 yards in stash
7.5 skeins = 405.0 yards (370.3 meters), 375 grams

Frogged. You can read more in the blog post here.

L o v e…W a r m…S o f t…


  • Doubled the yarn.
  • Cast on 18 stitches (long tail method).
  • Slipping the first stitch of every row (knit-wise on RS, purl-wise on WS).
  • First row: Knit. Second row: Purl. Than knit the pattern until desired lenght. Knit one row, purl one row, BO.
  • Fringe: Made of four 44 cm long threads of Eskimo - it makes a fringe of eight threads and 20 cm long.

30/11 I´m amazed!!! It really works!!! My scarf doesń´t shed any more and it looks great. :-) The size is perfect to wear it in many different style - this scarf has truly gone beyond my expectation!

29/11 Eskimo sheds. And pills. To fix these issues I tried to put it in a very hot (almost boiling) water as adviced here by sparrowbane - sounds crazy, hm? :-)
At the beginnig I was really doubtful (won´t it shrink? won´t it felt? will it work with a knitted garment?), but than I tried it with a swatch - and it worked! :-) My scarf is getting dry now…actually, it looks good, but I will see tomorrow…

28/11 Slipping the first stitch (knit-wise on RS, purl-wise on WS) makes a neat edge.

26/11 Hold the yarn doubled to make it really chunky and prevent pilling. I am not sure, but the pattern looks very similar to Wisteria Scarf by Wenlan Chia.

I love my Knit Pro Chunky! :-)

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November 26 2009
November 30 2009
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