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Slanted Jam
July 12 2013
July 20 2013
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Slanted Jam
Fiar by Irishgirlieknits
Melanie (sample)
Meepers on ravelry
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Black Trillium Fibre Studio Pebble Sock
1.42 skeins = 539.6 yards (493.4 meters), 142 grams

before cast on: 34.4g
after cast on: 31.6g
rnd 1: 30.1g
rnd 2: 28.5g
rnd 3: 26.9g
rnd 4: 25.3g
rnd 5: 23.7g
rnd 6: 22g
rnd 7: 20.4g
rnd 8: 18.7g
rnd 9: 17.1g
rnd 10: 15.4g
rnd 11: 13.7g
rnd 12: 12.1g
rnd 13: 10.5g
rnd 14: 8.8g
rnd 15: 7.3g
rnd 16: 5.7g

rnd 1: 4.1g
rnd 2: 2.5g
change colors

Color two, started with 34g, finished with 7.8g.
Color three, started with 33.8g, finished with 8.1g.
Color four, started with 34.9g, finished with 7.9g.
Color five, started with 34g, finished with 3g.

I used a long tail cast on, using both ends of the ball to make sure I didn’t have to attempt cast on more than once, and so that I wasted as little as possible.

I used an outline stitch for the bind off, and it used slightly less yarn than the long tail cast on, but it looks a lot the same and it’s plenty stretchy.

I only detailed my row-by-row yarn weights for the first color because I knew the first and last colors should take about the same AND limit the number of rows I could do in any color.

Instead of doing 4 repeats of 20 rounds in the fiar pattern, I did 5 repeats of 16 rounds, changing color on round three. The darkest and lightest stripes have 18 rounds each because they have an extra garter ridge, as well as the cast on or bind off. I contemplated knitting 18 rounds in each of the three middle stripes, (and would have had yarn for that) but 5 repeats of 16 is the same number of rows at 4 repeats of 20, so I decided that keeping the finished number of rows equal to the pattern was important to me.

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July 12 2013
July 20 2013
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by Black Trillium Fibre Studio
100% Merino
380 yards / 100 grams

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