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Stripey Blanket
December 17 2012
February 3 2013
Project info
Stripey Blanket
4 yr old girl
littlewoollie on ravelry
Approx 60" x 40"
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
Double Knit
DK (11 wpi)
11 skeins = 1100 grams
Summer flowers
December 2012

I have now written a pattern (chart only) for a similar stripey blanket using more textured stitches than this version. If you look at my other projects, you will find them listed as the Tooty Stripey Blanket and Tooty Stripey Blanket #2. And the pattern is in my Ravelry Store here - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tooty-stripey-bla...
It’s a baby sized blanket but could easily be scaled up to whatever width and length you want.

Having seen the gorgeous blanket made by Jules of Little Woollie - a mixed stitch make it up as you go along blanket - I wanted to make my own.
Although Jules’s blog gives details of the stitches she used as she went along (as opposed to a completed pattern), I wasn’t able to keep going back to look, so made my own up as I went along!
I used mostly trebles, granny stitch, treble clusters to form scallops and half trebles. I felt double crochet might be too tight a stitch and effect the overall tension of the blanket.

I used acrylic yarn so that the blanket can be safely washed with a variety of different budget brands.
I had nine colours in total -
cream x 2
pale pink x 2
mid pink
pale blue
mid blue
pale green

After stitching in all the ends, I did a row of half trebles all the way round in pale pink, followed by treble clusters in aqua, then pale pink scallop shells in double trebles, with cream double crochet to finish.

UPDATE: Julie has now finished her blanket and the pattern link above takes you to a page on her blog dedicated to it. I have also seen it in the May 2014 edition of Simply Crochet.

Update July 2015. Whilst cruising around Pinterest yesterday, I came across a really nice stripey blanket and followed the link to Ravelry. It was made by a lady called Hannah Davis and at the end she said she had taken inspiration from Julie of Little Woollies blanket - and MINE!! Woo Hoo!! That might explain why mine has been getting so many views lately.
I’ve just been having a little look around her blog not your average crochet and she’s written up her pattern (as has Julie) with loads of photos. It’s absolutely amazing, it really is!! If you’re thinking of making a stripey blanket, I would recommend starting with Hannah’s tutorial. All the stitches explained - including how not to accidentally increase your stitches after a shell row… Thanks Hannah!


Couldn’t resist adding a screen shot of the number of views - 11111 !!! There’s something quite satisfying about that little row of one’s.


If you pop across to my blog, I have now taken some “panoramic” photos of the whole length of the blanket. If you know your crochet, you might be able to work out the stitches for each row, and one day I will get round to writing the pattern… :-)

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December 17 2012
February 3 2013
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  • Project created: February 4, 2013
  • Finished: February 4, 2013
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