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January 20, 2016


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Nantasket by Berroco Design Team
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Wendy Aspire Chunky
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Wendy Aspire Chunky
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sharp works

The pattern wasn’t the most detailed, leaving quite a lot of maths to be done!


Love the finished jumper but the pattern wasn’t the most descriptive…

I knit the 4-year-old size for my small 3-year-old which fit pretty well. I did four pattern repeats on the torso, omitting the final line of the pattern at the shoulder seam.

The arms were far too thin, so I added 10 stitches onto them. I think they still could have been wider and fit better than they did.

I used mustard for the ribbing, then knit the decrease row with the new wool colour on the same size needles and then switched needles after that row.


Just found my knitting notes from the time. In case I want to make another one again, here are all the details (for a small age 4 size):

CO 77.
8 rows of rib.
For row of decrease: p2tog, p2tog, (p1, p2tog) x 9, p2tog, p2tog, (p1, p2tog) x 8, p2tog, (p1, p2tog) x 2.
Then change needles and yarn.
St st til 8 inc.
Then pattern x 4, omitting last row.

Rib as back.
Continue as back until completed 3 reps of pattern. Shape neck as in pattern, using second yarn colour.

CO 45.
8 rows rib for then change needles and yarn.
Inc on row 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, 43.
Total of 54 rows for each sleeve.

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January 20, 2016
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