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May 12 2009
May 18 2009
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Soma Cube
Soma Cube by Woolly Thoughts
Needles & yarn

Steve made the original Soma Cube and I have now refined his methods to make a version which can be explained more easily in the pattern. We both used the same number of stitches but Steve’s is much smaller than mine because he can knit tighter than I can. The shapes benefit from being knit tightly.

We both filled our pieces with small polystyrene beads so they are never going to have perfectly square corners. However, they are delightfully squishy - and addictive. Nobody who picks up the pieces can leave them alone.

The seven pieces can be assembled in 240 different ways to make a cube. They can also be used to build other shapes.

We made see-through boxes to keep the pieces together.

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May 12 2009
May 18 2009
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