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Squidgy Button Quilt
Button Quilt by Frankie Brown
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
DK (11 wpi)

CO as I’ve been looking for something to knit in amongst the cardigans that seem to be dominating my crafting at the moment. I needed an ongoing project with small parts that can be done as and when. Love the look of this, although I’m using DK and 3.25mm needles, so each button will be larger than the pattern.I actually quite like a spot of sewing, so that part is not an issue for me. Just need to find a nice little bag I can use to keep the completed buttons in.

1/2/13 Thoroughly enjoying these. Up to 14 now. I have absolutely no idea how many I will end up needing, but it must be at least 200, so long way to go still :)

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In progress
January 20 2012
work in progress
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