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Cosy Colourscape #2
April 2 2014
April 9 2014
Project info
Cosy Colourscape #2
Corner-to-Corner Throw by Catherine J. Watson
Hooks & yarn
8.0 mm (L)
Rowan Colourscape Chunky By Kaffe Fassett
11 skeins = 1925.0 yards (1760.2 meters), 1100 grams

Using the same box stitch as Cosy Colourscape #1, but making this all in one instead of making up separate sections and then joining them. I want this to a proper blanket size too, so I’m using an 8mm hook, and each box is made of a chain 3 and 3dcs, and measures approximately an inch square. For the original Cosy Colourscape I used twelve skeins, so I’ve bought twelve of this shade (Frosty). Because this is worked diagonally I used three skeins before squaring off the top edge, and then once I’ve used up another six (so nine of the twelve skeins) I’ll square off the bottom corner, so the remaining three should finish off diagonally into the final corner - that’s the theory anyway!

Doing it all in one is making it difficult to work though - it’s heavy and awkward to handle, and only just fits into my biggest project bag! The colours are gorgeous though - love them. Hopefully, it’ll all be worth it in the end…

It is now too big for the project bag, and there’s nowhere safe from the kids/pets to put it where they won’t end up snuggled under it/on top of it, so I’m on a mission to get it finished so I don’t risk losing the hook and/or having the whole thing unravelled.

Kept at it until 3am, and have started squaring off the top edge … getting there…!

Love it.

Stitch / yarn
It’s an easy stitch to do while watching the TV, and with the chunky yarn and the 8mm hook it’s grown quickly. The long colour changes of the Colourscape suits the stitch too, with boxes of each shade gradually changing as the row of boxes continues.
I’ve picked the odd bit of dried foliage (for want of a better word) out of the yarn, but much fewer than the other shades I’ve used, for some reason. I’ve also found these skeins much easier to wind into balls - experience perhaps?!? I’ve found winding into centre pull balls the best way to use this yarn, and haven’t had a single break, so maybe this helps.

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April 2 2014
April 9 2014
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