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Crop Top
May 30 2014
June 4 2014
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Crop Top
Tammy's Tunic by Tammy Hildebrand
34" (0" ease)
Hooks & yarn
5.5 mm (I)
1 repeat = 4 inches
in motif
Knit Picks Comfy Worsted
85 yards in stash
3.44 skeins = 375.0 yards (342.9 meters), 172 grams
Knit Picks

This top was fun and quick to crochet. It only took me 3 hours to make and join all my motif strips. The neckline is a little wide and deep, which is fine for a loose fitting crop top, but I think it could be problematic for a full-length sweater. But that’s the nature of a garment made up of granny squares; you can only fit the neckline so much.

Since I made a cropped version, I have 16 squares total; 2 for the center front, 2 for the center back, and 6 for each side. The center front length including 1.5” of neck edging is 8.5”.

I only did 4 rows (1”) of the lace edging for the sleeves because I didn’t like the look of the longer sleeves. By the time I got to the directions for the neck and sleeve edging I was mentally exhausted so I just winged it and it came out fine.

I blocked this before sewing up the side seams to open up the motifs because I figured it would be much easier and more effective to pin and steam flat pieces versus a round piece.

I only did 1 unjoined row to join the front and back strips to the side strips instead of 2 because I didn’t like the look of 2. I did 2 rows to join the side seams and I ended up with a 34” bust. So maybe you’re only supposed to do 1 of of the unjoined rows for the size small, but the pattern says to repeat row 2 as many times as called for…I don’t know.

I am pretty sure there is a typo in the directions for the 4th motif joining row. The directions for the first corner say, “sc, ch 3, sc, ch 5, sc, ch-3 join” but then the squares aren’t completely joined together and it’s a pain when you are joining the strips to one another and it leaves a big hole. I think it’s supposed to say, “sc, ch 3, sc, ch 5-join, sc, ch-3 join.”

Total Cost: $11.96

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May 30 2014
June 4 2014
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