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"Snuggle Puff" Face Scrubbie

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March 3 2011
March 3 2011
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"Snuggle Puff" Face Scrubbie
Snuggle Puff Circular Face Scrubbie by Cheryl Davis
Housewarming gift for my neighbor
4½" across
Hooks & yarn
3.75 mm (F)
4.0 mm (G)
Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co. Peaches & Creme Double Worsted
790 yards in stash

“SNUGGLE PUFF” Crocheted Circular Face Scrubbie

This pattern is available for FREE! (See link below.)

I LOVE Mei Lynne Travis’ Crochet Coasters. They’re so simple and beautiful. I used her pattern as a jumping-off point to make my simple circles double-sided face scrubbies, substituting Half-Double Crochet stitches for the Double Crochet she typically uses.

This crocheted face scrubbie fits snugly over three or four of your fingers allowing you to use it without the need to hold on tight to it with one of your opposable thumbs. ;o)

One of these is fabulous used with an exfoliating scrub! I love them because there’s no huge floppy washcloth to contend with, allowing you to target trouble spots with ease.

Gauge is 5 rounds of Half Double Crochet and 1 partial round (about two-thirds of a complete round) of Single Crochet around the edge = 4½“ in diameter.

If you don’t have any double-worsted cotton on hand, simply substitute regular worsted weight cotton by holding two strands together as you crochet. I’ve made many with just ww S’nC or P&C cotton yarn and they’re just as nice.

If you make one I’d love to see it. If you find any errors, please inform me of those, too, so I can make corrections.


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March 3 2011
March 3 2011
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